What is Sforzando like?

Sforzando is a day camp held at Marquette Manor Baptist Church. Orchestra rehearsals, music theory classes, technical instruction, and chamber groups challenge violin, viola, cello, and bass players of all ages. Campers are spiritually encouraged by attending chapel and interacting with fellow campers and staff. We also know how to have a good time! Past years have featured skits, Spirit Days, flash mobs, and more. The spiritual refreshment of being with like-minded dedicated musicians is a highlight of many campers' years!

"You’re always working together as a team and excelling." - Hannah M., camper

"Sforzando is an amazing part of our summer. My husband and I feel like it's so important for our kids to get together with other top notch musicians and mentors. It really morphs them into the next level for the next year." - Anneke H., parent

"I feel that is worth a week of my summer. It's good that you meet new people that have the same instruments and interests as you do. You get to play and have your passion be shared with other people. And you also get to praise the Lord at the same time." - Naomi Y., camper